What are the "Overstock Deals and Clearance" items?


This category is the bees knees, guys.  This is the like the clearance aisle at the store with crazy good deals that are fun to peruse and brag about the treasure that you found. 

This is the category where you'll find all sorts of foods that we rescue that would otherwise go to waste.  

We're talking about products from any brand or location, which is totally different from our usual offerings. For our usual products, we source directly from farmers and producers, after scouring the land to bring you only the very best.

But, every now and then, you might find something in our overstock/clearance that you recognize from the grocery store.

This whole rescue operation is similar to what Misfits Market and Imperfect Foods are doing, but we've got our own spin on things. Instead of rescuing all of our food, we just have a special category for it. That way, we can still offer you high-quality, direct-sourced foods at bulk prices, without them having to be "imperfect."

And let me tell you, we use our wholesale group buying power to snag these items at a great discount, which we then pass on to you in the form of even greater value. We never know what's going to show up in this category, but when it does, we can't wait to share it with our community.

Sometimes, we even have local, direct, and carefully curated foods that end up in our overstock/clearance. It's all about reducing food waste and sharing the bounty with you!

This month, we have some fantastic Angus Ground Beef (yummm), potstickers, and other awesome items!

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