What Is the "Minimally Processed" Chicken Like?

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Our best-selling item is the 40lb case of boneless, skinless, natural, free-range chicken breast. This chicken is free of steroids, antibiotics, and added hormones, making it one of the best options on the market besides certified organic or home-raised chicken.

While we offer chicken in various forms, most customers prefer the fresh, minimally processed 40lb case. This product is exceptional, but let's be honest, raw chicken is not the most appetizing thing to look at. However, we take pride in providing our customers with chicken as close to the backyard experience as possible, which is why we offer it in bulk packaging with minimal processing. This saves you money and gives you the flexibility to finish processing and package the chicken as you like.

What does "Minimally Processed" mean?

You may be wondering what "minimally processed" means. Our chicken is hand-trimmed to the minimum finish, which means the skin and bones have been removed, but the breasts are still butterflied and may still have some cartilage and minimum bones. This may require a bit of extra trimming on your part, but it's worth it for the quality of the chicken.

What does "Butterflied Breasts" mean?

In case you didn't know...chickens have 2 breasts 🤪 and there is a breast bone that connects them. This breast bone is cut out, but the breasts are still connected by a softer cartilage strip, which some people prefer to leave attached. Expect to have some fats to deal with, but these trimmings make great broth.

Here's what that looks like:


On Rare Occasions...

On rare occasions, you may find feathers or more bones that were missed during processing, or you may come across what looks like a bruise on the chicken. These issues are uncommon but can happen. It's important to note that these minor imperfections do not affect the quality or safety of the chicken, but they may not look as appetizing.

Here's a more detailed explanation of these rare occurrences and why they happen: 

1. Feathers. It happens. Feathers are crazy and can get everywhere - like a glitter bomb. I have seen a few in boxes on occasion. It reminds me that is is fresh from the farm. When you purchase chicken in the store, it goes through several freezing/defrosting/repackaging/etc. so usually the feathers don't make it to you.

2. More bones. Humans are doing the first level of trimming, so besides the cartilage bones, I have occasionally found other bones that were missed during the processing process, but it is rare.  And I just simply cut them out. 

3. Bruising. I will get what looks like a bruise on the chicken. This can happen for a number of reasons, like hitting a blood vessel before fully bleeding out, or if a bone breaks before it is cut off or a bone broke right before it was slaughtered. That happens. Because we are dealing with real food and not fake or perfect, bruising can happen many different ways, but it is still fine to eat and would be a waste to not. It just doesn't look as appetizing. 

It's all worth it!

I know that dealing with raw chicken can be intimidating, but trust me, the quality and savings are worth it. Plus, our chicken is super fresh, just a few days from being processed. So if you're looking for crazy good quality chicken at unbeatable prices, you've come to the right place!

If you want less work....

We also offer an "already prepped" version of this chicken breast.  It costs a little more, but we'll take the 40 lb box of fresh chicken into our USDA certified meat cutting room.  Our meat cutter will trim it, split the breasts, cut out cartilage and more fast then vacuum seal it into 2 breast packs (so you'll end up with about 22 packs of 2 breast packs).  Then they will deep freeze and when you get it, you just need to put it in your freezer!

Happy eating!

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