About Us

Learn about the Idaho Natives who lead this co-op

Hello Idaho! We are Kevin and Susan. We are Idaho Natives and love our community. We have 4 adorable children. With a large growing family, we have big food needs. We have to stay in budget and shop smart and LOVE good deals. With the rising costs, it's hard to eat out all the time and we have to be savvy at the grocery store. But we have found a solution to battle the increasing prices. Bringing this Food and Meat Co-op to our community will allow us to have wholesale purchasing power and bring FANTASTIC deals to Idaho. These prices are 20%-50% BELOW the grocery store. You guys don't want to miss out on this!

This opportunity will help make the local Idaho economy thrive and bring great value and quality food to Idahoans. We really hope you will join us in making this a huge success!

More about us: Kevin is an Idaho Army National Guard veteran and Susan is a family photographer. They love to travel, scuba dive, and are Escape Room enthusiasts. It has always been a dream to be able to provide food security for family, friends, and the community.