Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Food and Meat Co-op of SW Idaho?

We are a cooperative group of buyers made up of individuals, couples, families, and freinds who want to support the local economy and also get fantastic deals in bulk foods. We do this by the power of collective group buying. By participating, you get more direct access to food and great deals.

What is the buying process?

Here is the simple buying process:

1. Be signed up to our waitlist and subscribed to SMS messages

2. When the sale opens, order what you want and select the pickup date and location.

3. Pickup your items on the chosen date/time location.

4. Enjoy and rave to all your friends about the fantastic deals you scored!

How is the Food and Meat Co-op setup?

We are a direct-to-consumer wholesale buying group for Southwest Idaho. This means we do not have a brick-and-mortar store, but instead, we deliver to specific pickup locations at different times of month. We bring refrigerated trucks to your area at a specific time and you will need to meet us at this location to pick up your order. This delivery method allows us to bring even more savings to you directly, since we don't have to pay the middle man or rent a commercial space.

How can I order or be included in the next sale?

To be able to order, you just need to sign up to be notified. You will get a text and email when the sale opens and you simply come to our online store and order what you want. Each sale is open for about 2 weeks before pickup date. You will want to order quickly as things sell out fast.

Are all the products local? Where do they come from?

We work very hard to find the best deals for our co-op. We disclose as much info as we can on each individual product on each product page.

Here is how we try to source:

1. Sourcing 100% LOCAL in Idaho from beginning to end is our #1 priority.

2. If we can't find it in Idaho, we find producers or suppliers that have some aspects of the product or process outside of Idaho, but still supports local business in some way.

3. Every once in a while, we get products entirely outside of Idaho, but close to a bordering state.

Every product's distribution or process positively affects Idaho businesses, even if it is through a distributor or local co-op family business that is directly serving you or other family-based business in Idaho.

We strive diligently to bring in products that will benefit our Idaho community, whether it's to promote a local business or bring great values to our Idaho families to help with finances.

There are times where we have to source from other areas of the country.

Are there discounts available?

Yes! Each product is already heavily discount from retail so you are saving between 20%-50% on all products. The point of this co-op is to get really good food for really good prices.

Occasionally, we will also have sales on clearance items when a local supplier has overstocks that need to go and will give us a bigger discount than normal We will pass those savings onto you, but beware, these items go FAST so watch your text messages and emails.

Do your meats contain hormones, steroids, antibiotics, or other artificial ingredients?

So far, we have been able to source meats that do not have added hormones or steroids and are antibiotic free. In most cases, the meats are all natural. Some meat products are seasoned or cured, so they will have added ingredients.

Each product will have details in full on the product page, so please research the product before purchasing.

Generally, buying local and high quality and natural are our top priorities in selecting products. However, we may make exceptions to this if a special buying opportunity arises that will bring us a big discount. But all product details will be on the product page.

How do I find allergen information?

Each product page will list allergens. If you cannot find this info, please reach out and we will do our best to provide that info. You can email at susanandkevin@foodandmeatcoop.com or text at 208-703-6455 anytime.

How do I add to my order?

To add to your order, you must create a brand new order. We will connect multiple orders on our end.

How do I choose the date on the calendar for pickup?

During checkout process, you will be prompted to select the date for pickup.

How do I see my order history?

Log into your account and click on "My Account" to locate your order history.

What happens if I can't pick up my order?

Picking Up orders are an important part of our process efficiency.

However, we understand there could be an emergency which prevents that from happening.

If you are unable to come in person, we recommend you try the following:

  • Send a friend, neighbor or family member to the pick up location
  • You can forward the reminder text to them so they’ll have the time and place
  • Contact Susan directly (208-703-6455) or your site lead to see if they can help

If none of those options are working and you miss the pickup, your order will be switched to the "Missed Pickup". If this order can be delivered (depending on availability and area), there will be a $12.99 delivery fee.

Do you have more questions? Please email us at susanandkevin@foodandmeatcoop.com or text us at 208-703-6455 and we will be happy to help out!

Thank you SO MUCH!

Susan & Kevin