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We are so excited to be able to bring fantastic deals and quality food to our Idaho Families. To be part of this co-op, you must sign up here with your email and cell phone number to receive notifications. You must be on this list in order to get notified of deals before the general public.

With the deals coming our way, we will sell out FAST on certain items, so make sure you sign up! No obligation to buy, of course.

The more subscribers we have, the cheaper we can get products and guarantee that we can do this monthly! So share with all your family and friends and acquaintances who might want killer deals on chicken, beef, pork, and other essential items.

What is the Process?

Here’s the super easy buying process:

1. Order your products online and choose pickup time and location

2. Pickup your products at the selected time/place

3. Enjoy! Tell all your friends. Order again next month.

If we get enough traction, we will be able to open a sale every month!  Let’s get the word out and bring this amazing food co-op to Idahome!

Who are we?

We are Kevin and Susan, native Idahoans. We love our community and are so excited to bring this co-op here! Having a large family made us realize how important food security is to us. As our family grows, we also need to budget wisely and stretch our dollars. We are bargain shoppers and love to stock up when there are sales.

With empty shelves and rising costs, we realized there is a BIG gap between the food sources and the customer. We found a spectacular Food and Meat Co-op in Utah that will allow us to buy directly from the source. We are ecstatic that we can join forces with them and expand here in Idaho!

What is a co-op?

“Co-op” is short for “cooperative.” It is a combining of efforts, skills, money, etc. together to meet a common goal that benefits all. With this co-op buying format, we are able to provide our members with great deals because we pool our money and have wholesale buying power. We strive to offer bulk buying and help save money on much needed food staples.


Here are just a few of the fabulous benefits:

  • Significant savings with bulk wholesale group pricing on items
  • Local Local Local! Made fresh, packed fresh, and delivered
    fresh all within a short time span. This freshness can’t be beat! (Unless you are you the farm 😊) If we can't get Idaho local, we go regional, and if not regional, we find the best we can nationally. For example, we won't be finding seafood in Idaho hahaha
  • Support local – We are supporting the local Idaho and
    surrounding area business in several different ways. We can help fellow local co-op families and businesses and uplift each other
  • Direct – we are cutting out the middle man retail store – which means that the product is cheaper and with meat, the product has only been touched by the source and the butcher and has not been sitting in the store freezer for others to handle for extended time periods.

For even more info...

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  • Grass Fed Beef

    Grass Fed Beef. All natural. No added hormones or steroids and antibiotic free.

  • Quality Chicken

    Born, raised, harvested, & processed on USA soil. From 350 small chicken farms in the USA. No added hormones or steroids and antibiotic free.

  • Wild Caught Seafood

    Wild caught in the ocean and never farmed. From Florida & Alaska using sustainable fishing practices.