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1/8th or 1/16th American Wagyu Beef Shares

1/8th or 1/16th American Wagyu Beef Shares

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Local American Wagyu Shares

This is a share of beef instead of normally boxed product. However, this is the total price and includes butcher and packing fees.

Are you ready to indulge in the ultimate beef experience? Look no further than our American Wagyu beef from the American Wagyu Farm in Vernon, UT! This super fine beef product is a cross of Japanese Wagyu and American Black Angus, resulting in a higher quality beef that's truly a cut above the rest.

At our co-op, we believe in knowing where your food comes from, and our American Wagyu farmer takes pride in pasture-raising these unique and rare breeds with proper and humane care.

With endless amounts of marbling, this luxury meat is not only tender but packed with flavor that cannot be matched by any other meat on the market.  Exclusively through our co-op.

From the American-Wagyu rancher: "These cattle are grass-fed for the first 6-8 months while on their mother's milk, and then are put in pastures with grain supplements until they are mature. The Wagyu breed from Japan grades beyond prime due to its marbling and tenderness. We breed Wagyu bulls to Angus cows to get a Wagyu/Angus cross calf that retains the hearty flavor of Angus, but also has the enhanced marbling and tenderness of Wagyu."

*Each 1/16th share will approximately contain 24-27 lbs.

*Each 1/8th share will approximately contain 48-52 lbs.

Both shares contain local grass-fed, grain supplement beef cuts from 50% being ground beef and the rest a mixture of beef tenderloin, rib eye, New York, flank, flat iron, skirt, top sirloin steak, cube steak, tri -tip, London eye, brisket, sirloin tip, chuck roast, short rib, boneless short rib, stew,  hanger steak, bones for broth, etc.

No two boxes will ever be the same. In an effort to use every part of the cow and not be wasteful, each 1/16th  or 1/8th share includes a mixture of random cuts and every box gets high-end steaks, mid-level steaks, and roasts to where each box has a similar value and then sold at co-op, direct pricing to save big bucks overall!

Love, care, and time has gone into each one as we've been creating them and we have enjoyed the process! We hope you love them too!

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