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4 - 3 lb Natural Beef Chuck Roast (12 lb Total)

4 - 3 lb Natural Beef Chuck Roast (12 lb Total)

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Get ready to elevate your beef game with our exceptional 3 lb Chuck Roasts! Perfect for pot roast, stroganoff, steaks, all the beefy goodness.

All Natural - no added hormones, antibiotic and steroid free.

These chuck roasts are the real deal – hand-cut, hand-trimmed, and processed right here in Utah. We're talking top-notch beef, straight from the top cuts, expertly portioned into 3-4 lb roasts.

Guess what? You're not just getting any beef; this is the same high-quality delight that graces the plates of local restaurants across Idaho. It's like bringing the restaurant experience to your own dinner table, but without the hefty bill!

But that's not all – these chuck roasts aren't just about looks. With beautiful marbling, rich flavor, and a commitment to natural goodness (no added hormones or steroids, and antibiotic-free), they're a cut above the rest. Our beef is the best of both worlds – grass-fed for that crave-worthy flavor and grain-finished for that unbeatable beefy flair.

Whether you're dreaming of a pot roast that melts in your mouth or a roasted beef extravaganza, these chuck roasts are here to make your culinary dreams come true. Say goodbye to ordinary beef and welcome the extraordinary into your kitchen! 🍽️👨‍🍳🥩

 This product comes in a flash-frozen case of four 3-3.5 lb roasts. Because it is already frozen in perfect meal portions, it is freezer-ready and even easy to split a case with your neighbors!

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