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Food and Meat Co-Op SW Idaho

Idaho VIP Membership - $10 OFF

Idaho VIP Membership - $10 OFF

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Our Black Friday sale is HERE!  Buy the VIP membership for $39 and we will send you a $10 gift card to spend on the Food & Meat co-op at the next sale (or any other sale)

Becoming a VIP at the Food and Meat Co-op has many extra benefits that are worth getting excited about! All participants in our co-op are welcome to order the current offerings at the current bulk, co-op prices, but for those that would like to become a VIP member of our community, you will receive extra benefits!

About our VIP Membership: You can upgrade your participation at any time to a VIP annual membership.

For only $39 per year, you become a VIP member and you receive extra benefits

  • 5% discount on all orders (some overstock and clearance items are excluded from the 5% discount)
  • Get access to order 24 hours before everyone else (often, VIP members are the only ones who get certain products due to super limited quantities)
  • No quantity limits
  • Express lane during pickup (this is like a fastpass at an amusement park, you get to skip the line and come to the front!)
  • Private sales events!
  • Voice your opinion on what products we offer (you can share your thoughts on new products and the votes of our paid members weigh heavier than the general co-op)
  • Extra bonuses throughout the year (as our way of saying thank you!)


Why do you have paid memberships? We are a cooperative and we are open to the public to be able to help the community at large where we live and do business here in the state of Utah. However, much of our food deals and meat deals are negotiated and based on how many "committed" members of the community we have. The more numbers we add to that list of paid members, the more negotiating power, the lower prices and the more selection of meats, produce and foods we can offer to our community. This is of massive benefit to the families in our state all around, but due to your commitment to our co-op, and because you are increasing our buying and negotiating power as a collective group, you will receive extra benefits for doing so. Additionally, we are a self-funded, community-based operation and membership dues help us cover immediate expenses so that we can keep our overall prices low for all. But for those members, we give you back your membership value in savings and perks throughout the year that go beyond the value of the one-time annual fee!

Do I have to commit to minimum orders to be a paid member? Absolutely not! You are free to order as often as you would like with no quantity limits. Membership gives you the freedom to cash in on the benefits as often as you would like!

How much does the average paid member save? Aside from the valuable non-monetary benefits listed above and surprises to be released, most members end up saving an additional $90 on their food per year. Of course, this is all based on how much of your food buying you decide to do through the official co-op orders. So if most of your meat and produce purchases throughout the year are made through the co-op, this will increase your overall savings.

Are there any hidden fees with a paid membership? No, the membership price is all you will pay once per year. We do have it set for automatic renewal in 365 days from original sign-up so your benefits don't lapse and any accrued benefits do not expire, but you can cancel before annual dues are due in your account at any time during the year

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