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Food and Meat Co-Op SW Idaho

Limited Time: 10-15 lb Natural Skin-On Pork Belly (3-4 in each box at 3-4 lbs each)

Limited Time: 10-15 lb Natural Skin-On Pork Belly (3-4 in each box at 3-4 lbs each)

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Fresh, cut in Utah, vacuum packed natural pork belly!  It is cut and packed fresh in Utah and then flash frozen to preserve freshness!

Comes with 3-4 in each box!

Please note, this is a catch weight item which means they are not all the exact same weight. They can range from 10-15 lbs. We are billing initially at 15 lbs in case all cases that come in are 15 lbs and we have enough co-op $$ to pay the bill. But please note, when you get your case at pickup, we note the EXACT weight of your product and you will be refunded anything under 15 lbs. Although more work on our end, we are committed to letting everyone have the best prices and instead of charging a flat rate and some getting smaller and some getting larger, in the end, you will pay for exactly what you received. :) 


This product comes from one of our absolute favorite sources for multiple reasons:

1. It's super high quality! It's a top-of-the-line product.

2. Super fresh! From butchering to vacuum packing, it's a very short turnaround. And then they are flash-frozen in a deep freeze to retain as much freshness as possible!

3. It's natural! Nothing added, antibiotic-free.

4. You can taste a difference when you get this close and fresh to your food!!

Brought to you from the same source as our high-quality and popular pork chops and natural ground pork. 

We cannot wait for you to try this product! SUPER LIMITED SUPPLY! 

This is just pork - no seasonings or flavorings so that you can season it exactly how you want it! 

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